Certified Car Insurance

Do you know what is a certified car?

Florida car insurance gives you a summary of what a certified car is and how certified car insurance is done. A certified car is that car which has been inspected and repaired according to detailed manufacturer instructions before being placed on a dealer’s used car. Although manufacturer’s programs vary in many aspects but all are fundamentally the same.

For a car to be certified, it should be little old model. However it should not be damaged and should have low mileage. Then each car should be inspected according to its detailed checklist that may contain approximately150 or more points of inspection, and should include engine and transmission, lights, airbags, power equipment, fluids, exhaust system, suspension, brakes, battery, tires and wheels, paint, trim, windows, doors, belts, hoses, alarm system, and more.

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Certain items like wipers, mirrors, interior lights, radio, gauges, and carpets can also be on the list. A road test is also performed to make sure there are no noises, vibrations, and squeaks that need attention.

Dealers are motivated to sell certified cars because it makes customer happy and so they make a larger profit in selling these certified cars than on non-certified cars. The dealers spend time and money doing certification inspections and repairs and extended warranties cost money. When the dealers approve these certified cars they are insured easily by the insurance company. Therefore, customers who buy certified used cars generally pay a higher price in order to get an extra peace of mind.

Each dealer has its own specifications for what comes with certification. Most dealers have also included benefits such as roadside assistance, special financing and free oil changes. The fact that a sale of certified cars has been steadily increasing. And many consumers consider it a price worth paying.

Once the customer is satisfied with the terms and condition of a certified insured car then he may enjoy.

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